Previously known as AppWorx or UC4, Automic is the leader in job scheduling solutions with its Workload automation product according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (Report) for Job Scheduling. More than 2500 organizations are currently using Automic and you will hear countless customers discuss reports of reduced cost, better service, increased agility, and lower risk. But very few organizations have in house available resources or budgets to utilize the benefits of Automic. 

IT processes for organizations are facing increasingly complex applications and infrastructure, and even more complex for those migrating to next generation service models for cloud, DevOps and big data. Automic’s product “ONE Automation” software truly sits on one solid engine with the ability to automate all your job scheduling, application release, application workload automation with Oracle or SAP, managed file transfer, and VM, with predictive analytics based on complex event processing technology. With Automic, IT Operations teams have greater control and saw significant improvements in both service delivery and cost savings.